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Cricket coaching has evolved to more than just verbal instructions to a player on how they should perform. The access to technology has meant that videos, photos, facts and stats must be used to back up theory. Technology must be incorporated to keep up with the trends of this fast changing side of the game. PitchVision allows the top-end technology to be made available at grass-roots cricket in India.

PitchVision has developed a completely ground-breaking, motion tracking technology which offer an affordable portfolio of real-time player analysis and interactive sports game products that combine all the best elements of bowling machines, motion tracking, video analysis and web-technology in one system. As the players train under the Coach in groups or individually, “PitchVision” captures the valuable data and actions. The personalized data and edited video is available for instant retrieval and review.

Each player who registers to play on PitchVision receives a CSS-PVC membership.

PitchVision cricket system comprises of 3 elements – Tracking system, Feedback and Information storage. PV membership is the information storage for each player in the cloud.

A membership will help a player to
  • Create a player’s profile by collecting performance data & videos and build up a historical data-base and compare against past performance, peers and professional players
  • Coaches and Players can review performance, strengths & weakness even after the session is over
  • Allow a player to go back and look at his or her captured data, videos and audio memos.
  • Create a unique concept unlike any other Cricket Academy
Software Reports include
  • Pitch-maps
  • Stumps Hitting
  • 3D Trajectory
  • Front foot crease position
  • Line
  • Length
  • Deviation
  • Bounce
  • Pace measurements
  • Video Analysis
  • Each player who registers with the CSS–Pitch Vision Club (CSS-PVC) receives a Pitch Vision Membership which can be accessed through an APP
  • Creates a Player Profile by collecting Performance Data & Videos
  • Builds up a historical Data-base which can be compared to Past Performance, Peers & Professional Players
  • Players are able to review Performance, Strengths & Weaknesses immediately after the session is over
  • Allows a player to go back home and look at his captured Data, Video and Audio memos
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